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Anthony Alvarado: Igniting Transformation through Storytelling

Prepare to meet Anthony Alvarado, a force of nature—a dynamic speaker, certified coach, and unwavering advocate for profound change. With over a decade of experience, he doesn't just empower individuals; he equips them with the unwavering tools needed for transformations that leave an indelible mark.

Anthony's expertise encompasses the intricate realms of mental health, addiction recovery, and holistic well-being. Fearlessly, he confronts pivotal, often silenced topics, unraveling the complexities of mental health and addiction recovery.

Anthony's impact reverberates far and wide, recognized by the White House ONDCP, Forbes, and the Mayor of Appleton. His advocacy work has touched the lives of over 275,000 young people, birthing successful youth leadership programs. His active involvement in academic research with the research team at Penn State College of Medicine underscores his unwavering commitment to driving change.

Prepare to be moved by Anthony Alvarado's storytelling ability—a relentless catalyst for transformation.

Lets do this

Step right up and listen to the captivating stories of Anthony Alvarado, a certified coach, and leader who has inspired and educated over 275,000 young people. His unique ability to connect with audiences has made him a leading mental health and recovery advocate, with recognition from the White House ONDCP and Forbes as a movement maker.


From public schools to conferences and rallies, Anthony's professional storytelling has left audiences educated, engaged, and empowered to take action. His message of hope and resilience is delivered with passion and authenticity, making him one of the best motivational speakers in this arena.


Anthony's impact is felt far and wide, with an Official Proclamation from the Mayor of Appleton recognizing "Rise Together Day" in honor of his team's dedication to the community. Anthony speaks on various topics when he's not inspiring crowds, including emotional baggage, healthy habits, and breaking the silence around mental health and addiction recovery.


So, if you're looking for more than just a typical motivational speaker, Anthony Alvarado is your guy. With his outstanding service to others and empowering storytelling, he'll leave you ready to take on the world.

Keynote topics

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Anthony is empathetic and I believe a safe person to talk to about anything, sees the good in people, and believes there is goodness in all others. 

I see Anthony as a leader in every room he enters and is at his best when he is modeling true vulnerability.  He knows how to love others unconditionally, is changing the world, and an expert in pain and fear.

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Greatness, true greatness! I see humility. I see someone who says "I can & we can". Anthony is confidently vulnerable, someone that makes me feel safe and secure in my own skin. A man of openness and acceptance

Letting Go of Emotional Baggage: Coping with Life's Challenges

Join my short talk workshop and gain insights from real-life examples of adventure, failure, and triumph. Learn how to stop and lean in during difficult moments, discover your internal map through self-awareness, and build a survival toolkit of mantras, mindset, self-care, and more.

By taking the right steps to overcome emotional baggage, you can identify your feelings, process your emotions, and ultimately let go. Don't let life's challenges hold you back - unlock your resilience today.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Discover Ways to Manage Stress and Find Help

Join my workshop and learn how to prevent feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed in today's challenging world. With nearly 90% of adults and 70% of college students experiencing emotional distress or anxiety, it's important to take proactive steps to protect your mental health. My workshop will cover the following key topics:

  • Signs of burnout and how to recognize them

  • Strategies for taking a mental break and reducing stress

  • Practical tips for taking action and managing stress in healthy ways

Don't let stress and anxiety take over your life - learn how to manage your emotions and protect your mental health today.

Building Lasting Healthy Habits in Today's Distracted World

In a world full of distractions, it can be difficult to build healthy habits and stick to them. But with the right strategies and mindset, it's possible to create lasting change in your life. Join my workshop and learn how to change your habits for the better, with key takeaways including:

  • Letting go of perfectionism and embracing progress

  • Staying committed through the ups and downs of habit-building

  • Building healthy habits one step at a time

From morning routines to exercise regimes, healthy habits are essential for success and wellbeing. Our workshop will provide practical tips and strategies for forming lasting healthy habits and breaking free from the unhealthy ones that are holding you back. Don't let distractions get in the way of your goals - start building healthy habits today.

Using Storytelling for Mental Health and Addiction Advocacy: Learn How to Make an Impact

Sharing your story can be a powerful tool for advocacy, especially when it comes to mental health and addiction recovery. In this interactive workshop, I will show you how to make a lasting impact on your community by harnessing the power of storytelling. With over 10 years of experience in community work, Anthony will provide key takeaways including:

  • The science behind storytelling and how it can influence others

  • The importance of language and choosing the right platform for your message

  • Balancing personal advocacy with community action

  • Strategies for getting others to join your movement

When we share our stories, we realize that we have more in common than we thought. I have helped thousands of young people share their stories and create social change, and now he's teaching others to do the same. Whether you're an individual looking to make a difference or a business wanting to create a positive impact, this workshop will provide you with the tools and inspiration you need to make a change in your community.

Some recent speaking engagements

Key presenter at the Annual ASAM Conference 3 years running w/Penn State College of Medicine. 
Key presenter at 34th Annual National Prevention Conference 
Keynote @ The Now is the Time Conference 2018 @ UW Whitewater

Keynote @ Mind, Heart, and Teaching Symposium @ UW Oshkosh

University of Houston: ARHE's 9th Annual Collegiate Recovery Conference 
Marian University 
SAMHSA's New England ATTCs Adolescent Conference: Effective Approaches to Engaging & Treating Teens
SAMHSA’s “Road to Recovery” expert panel in Washington DC
The National NAADAC Conference

NEIAS of Addiction Studies State Conference “2016 New England School of Best Practices in Addiction Treatment”
Young People in Recovery National Leadership Conference
Wisconsin's and the Las Vegas Statewide Recovery Rally
UW Marshfield Mental Health State Conference
Northwoods Coalition Statewide Mental Health Conference
WI State Mental Health Conference
WI Statewide School Resource Officers Conference
Statewide Children Juvenile Justice Conference
Wisconsin Family Based Services Association Conference
Nurses Association WI State Conference
United Way Teen Symposium
Pre-Action Network Prevention Conference
Human Service Association Statewide Conference

Rocking Recovery - 2014
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