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Less is More: Crafting a Year of Success, Recovery, and Spiritual Wellness in 2024

Updated: Jan 16

Greetings and a Happy New Year, 2024!

In my previous blog, "Thriving Through the Storm," we explored topics covered in my e-book, "Untangling the Mess." From the exciting anticipation of our new baby boy to the significance of daily habits, last year was one to remember. As we stand at the threshold of a new year, my partner and I have engaged in heartfelt conversations, aligning our family goals and individual career paths.

Embarking on a Journey of Enrichment

In the upcoming year, our main goal is to build a life filled with deeper connections, putting our focus on family, friends, and the vibrant local community that supports us. This year, I'm taking a down-to-earth approach, rooted in shared experiences, aligning with our pursuit of a different kind of success—one measured not by bank accounts but by the happiness that greets us each morning. Success, for us, is about the richness of personal and professional lives, intertwined with moments of joy, creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Embarking on a Journey of Financial Empowerment: Cultivating a Rich Life

Heading into 2024, we're charting a course toward financial freedom that goes beyond traditional measures. Our goals include saving for an intimate wedding and a dream honeymoon abroad while reshaping our relationship with money. Simultaneously, we're committed to navigating and overcoming existing debts, especially student loans for me personally, intertwining our financial journey with the joys of parenthood as we welcome our newborn, Aidyn, and embrace the last of the teenage years with my daughter, Jaedah. This dual focus on financial planning and family life embodies our commitment to a multi-faceted success—one that goes hand-in-hand with creating a rich life and fostering a healthier relationship with wealth, eliminating money trauma, and nurturing a positive mindset around self-worth.

Legacy in Action: Crafting a Purposeful Journey for Generations to Come

Embarking on purposeful work is more than a personal passion; it's a profound commitment that transcends generations, weaving a lasting legacy. As the Chief Marketing Officer at Take Action Realty Group, my journey to scale the business to $50 million by end of the year and establish a media powerhouse is driven by a deeper mission—to leave a positive impact on our community.

This holistic approach acknowledges the profound connection between success and community well-being, evident in our dedication to causes like addiction recovery, mental health, and suicide prevention. It's about recognizing that our achievements are interwoven with the thriving health of the community we serve.

Building a lasting legacy is more than hitting financial milestones; it's about planting roots of enduring values, ethical standards, and a profound sense of responsibility in every endeavor, whether it's in the for-profit or nonprofit realms. It's not just a goal but a heartfelt commitment to construct something truly meaningful. I envision a future where my children and those who follow in their footsteps actively contribute to and lead these ventures, carrying forward the legacy of positive change. This vision is all about weaving together passion, purpose, and a deep connection with our community, crafting a legacy that not only echoes within but also inspires others to believe that, with unwavering dedication and purpose, anything is truly possible.

Building Community Bonds: A Personal Quest for Lasting Impact

Diving back into the heart of our nonprofit work, I am thrilled to share the excitement surrounding my upcoming nationwide tour with RISE TOGETHER, an initiative that holds a special place in my heart as one of its founders. This transformative journey is not just about exploring new horizons but also about sowing the seeds for positive change, manifested through the establishment of a community center in the heart of Appleton, WI. Additionally, the prospect of collaborating on three published works with the esteemed research team at Penn State College of Medicine adds an extra layer of anticipation to this meaningful pursuit.

In the world of nonprofits, I've learned that genuine success is rooted in understanding oneself and embracing individual strengths. It's more than just a professional journey; it's a deeply personal and human experience. As we navigate these uncharted territories, I am reminded that impactful change arises from the authenticity of our own stories and the strengths we bring to the table. This journey stands as a testament to the belief that making a difference in the world begins with acknowledging and leveraging the unique qualities that make us all human.

Navigating Holistic Wellness: Integrating Mind, Body, and Purposeful Recovery

Sustaining peak performance is like a daily dance, shaped by intentional habits and, for me, guided by two key instruments:

  1. Balance Journal: The Balance Journal by MindJournal serves as my compass—a dynamic tool aiding me in navigating life's day-to-day. From daily gratitude reflections to capturing the next big idea, managing task lists, and prioritizing daily focus, this journal is an indispensable ally on my recovery journey.

  2. Daily Health Metrics: Achieving Wholeness for Optimal Living Embracing technology, I've incorporated Whoop, a heart rate monitor, into my routine. It offers profound insights into sleep patterns, stress levels, and recovery. This holistic approach to health involves practices like meditation, stretching, yoga, boxing, martial arts, functional fitness, and weightlifting, contributing to overall well-being. Prioritizing physical wellness underscores the crucial link between a healthy mind and body for holistic success.

Recovering with Purpose: Navigating Hills and Valleys

Central to my approach this year is the mantra: RECOVER—a theme encompassing the hills and valleys of stress and recovery. Whether through intense workouts, practicing SNT in Mindful Wingchun classes, or spending quality time with loved ones at the cabin, the focus is on doing less to achieve more. Recognizing that less is more, this year revolves around finding solace in simplicity.

Igniting Excitement: A Visionary Approach to Wellness

Our family's "vision board" transforms into a canvas, painting a vivid picture of the abundant life awaiting us in the upcoming months. This surge of excitement fuels my dive into various creative avenues—writing, spearheading nonprofit initiatives, assuming visionary roles in real estate, and using photography as a catalyst for positive change. This visionary approach extends beyond mere goals; it delves into both spiritual and physical well-being, recognizing the profound connection between personal fulfillment and overall wellness.

I encourage you to take a moment, envision your "best case scenario for 2024," and pinpoint 2-3 actions you can take this year to turn it into one of your best years yet!

Living Life: Let's Flourish Together in 2024!

Alright, here's to soaking up every ounce of joy with our little bundle, riding the waves of happiness and messiness that keeps rolling in. Our goal? It's all about giving back this year, dancing between profit, nonprofit, and personal ventures, hoping to set off a chain reaction of inspirational work. Finding that sweet spot between chasing success and personal growth, you know? It's the kind of fulfillment that goes beyond just ticking off achievements.

So, as we dive headfirst into 2024, let's make it a year filled with good times, victories that make us fist pump the air, and some serious personal growth. Picture it: our standout year, full of grit, purpose, and soaking up the beauty in every little moment. Let's make it a chapter where we're not just surviving but thriving.

Here's the nudge to you: take a moment to dream up your own 2024 vision. What's the dream scenario? Now, pick a couple of things you can do this year to turn that dream into your reality. Here's to a year where your dreams become tangible, and every move you make paints a picture of success and joy! Cheers to that!

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